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See the Components page.

  apt-get for rpm

If you are using apt-rpm, you can stay up-to-date with the latest GNUpdate RPMs by adding the following to your /etc/apt/sources.list and running apt-get update:

    rpm redhat/7.3/en/i386 unstable
    rpm-src redhat/7.3/en/i386 unstable

Other repositories will be up eventually. These repositories are stable and cvs. The stable repository will be created when the GNUpdate components reach a stability level high enough to be used by most users. The cvs repository will be up whenever I get around to writing the necessary scripts to maintain it.

There is one more repository that we provide, called misc. This contains small packages here and there that have been compiled for RedHat, such as an updated gettext. To add this repository to your sources, copy the lines above, but change unstable to misc.


All sourcecode to the GNUpdate system is available in CVS on SourceForge.

To checkout a working copy of any GNUpdate library or program, type the following in your terminal (NOTE: this assumes you are using bash. Adjust for another shell if you are not).

    $ export CVSROOT=""
    $ cvs login
    (Logging in to
    CVS password: just hit enter
    $ cvs -z3 checkout module_name

If you are a developer who is setup with read/write access, you will want to checkout modules like this:

    $ export CVSROOT=""
    $ cvs -z3 checkout module_name

If you don't actually wish to check out a copy of the sourcecode, you can browse the sourcecode online.

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