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  GNUpdate TODO List

This is the TODO list for the GNUpdate project. Since the back-end is the top priority at the moment, this list covers only that. Soon, when more progress on the back-end is made, the front-end TODO will be added.

  • Future Projects:
    • Add a graphical GTK2 front-end
    • Add a comprex tool for working with multiple archive formats
    • Add a graphical KDE front-end


  • Features:
    • Add expression parsing.
    • Add verbose output when extracting an entire package.


  • Features:
    • Add support for hard links and symlinks.
    • Enable input scheme support.
    • Add support for atime on fsnodes
    • Possibly add hashtables to directories.
  • Modules:
  • Write wrapper APIs:
    • Python
    • Perl
    • Ruby


  • Severe Bugs:
  • Features:
    • Allow packages to replace other packages.
    • Add epoch support to packages.
    • Add alternate dependency support in depcheck.c
    • Add a roll-back, or undo, feature for package installation/removal. Do this by rolling up a package of what is currently on the system, archiving it, and installing the new one. This should be optional in a config file.
    • Add support for lists of supported archs to dependencies, and a flag to specify if the list represents allowed archs or disallowed archs.
    • Add support for prpms (Patches RPMs)
    • Provide callback functionality for querying about specific actions. This should allow the program using libpackman to query the user for certain actions.
    • Add package writing and source package compilation.
    • Add support for hybrid packages (source AND binary packages)
    • Process ~/.gnupdate/packman/ config files.
    • Check periodically for updated package/database modules. (May not be worth it)
  • Modules:
    • Debian Package Module:
      • Add support for [arch] and [!arch] in dependency lines.
    • Add a Slackware .tgz package module.
    • Write a CVS package module
    • Add an information-only RDF-based package module for storing information about individual packages (but not the package data)
  • Write wrapper APIs:
    • Python
    • Perl
    • Ruby


  • Write wrapper APIs:
    • Python
    • Perl
    • Ruby

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