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Timestamp Headline
21:16:52CNN.com: New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani raises estimate of people missing at World Trade Center to 6,333.
17:56:42MSNBC: Bush to unviel recovery plan, lobbyists line-up to requests more bailouts. http://www.msnbc.com/news/631540.asp
20:29:00CNN: (Economic) American Airlines announces it will lay-off 20000 employees.
19:59:16CNN: Dow bouncing up.
19:16:31Sky News: Pentagon sources say "additional air assets" being deployed in Gulf region, more than 100 aircraft will be stationed there
19:10:45CNN: Nasdaq and Dow have bounced up a bit, up 20% from where they were 20 minutes ago.
18:59:10CNN: U.S. Begins 'Operation Infinite Justice'
18:56:32Reuters: Afghanistan's ruling Taliban has asked CNN to leave the country, the U.S. television news channel said on Wednesday. (http://sg.news.yahoo.com/010919/3/1hfgh.html)
18:52:50CNN: Deployment orders have been issued for movement of planes around the world.
08:02:33ABC: $40 Billion for WTC recovery signed by Bush. ~75 people in custody thus far (not neccesarily under arrest?) in investigation. Airline bailout plan to be rushed through Congress.
07:41:51LINK: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0%2c2933%2c34485%2c00.html -- Provides views of other countries, one-by-one.
21:59:36AP: Federal Jury Hearing WTC Evidence -- http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20010918/ts/attacks_grand_jury.html
07:13:47ABC: Taliban declares holy war against US: http://www.abc.net.au/news/newslink/nat/newsnat-18sep2001-78.htm
15:46:38CNN: Taliban clerics deciding if they should release bin Laden. They didn't just say no.
04:19:21BBC Radio: Israeli army announces they will deploy strong defenses on borders with Palestine. (Looking for online link. { sigh.. })
03:48:27CNN: The Taliban says that bin Laden is their guest, as long as he doesn't attack any more nations
03:34:52CNN: Pakistan will threaten Afghanistan with massive, U.S.-led military action unless Kabul hands over bin Laden in three days. - http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/16/gen.america.under.attack/
03:08:05NBC: Asian markets down sharply at opening. http://www.msnbc.com/news/629867_asp.htm
19:07:13ABC: 180 confirmed dead 115 bodies positively identified
18:31:44MSNBC: Knives used in hijacking may have been purchased in Switzerland
16:41:14Sky News: The Ryder Cup has been postponed for a full twelve months
09:48:06CNN: Operation Nobel Eagle, the new name for the defence of the US. (The ships protecting both the east and west coasts, and the fighters covering the airspace of the northeast US (Over NY and washington))
07:22:53CNN: Westerners evacuated from Afghanistan
07:12:12Newsweek: FBI was hunting for two of the hijack suspects before the attacks occurred.
07:11:30MSNBC: U.S. airlines permitted to fly internationally
06:52:03MSNBC: Hair and toothbrushes from WTC requested for DNA identification
06:49:33FOX News: Pakistan agrees to share intelligence on Bin Laden
06:47:37FOX News: Pakistan doesn't expect to take part in military action
06:40:15FOX News: 160 New York firefighters will be promoted tomorrow
06:32:04FOX News: FBI code name for attacks is "Penttbom"
06:29:54FOX News: FBI has issued over 30 search warrants
06:12:31FOX News: CIA knew of 2 hijackers before the attacks
06:05:47FOX News: A passport belonging to one of the hijackers has been found
03:33:46Correction to the missing count above. MSNBC says 4,972 missing.
03:30:55MSNBC: FAA discontinues curb side check-in at all airports
03:24:03MSNBC: Nobody was found alive on Saturday
03:19:48MSNBC: Iran orders Afghan border sealed
03:13:50MSNBC: Bin Laden may have profitted financially from these attacks
03:10:04MSNBC: 184 confirmed deaths
03:10:00MSNBC: Only 5 survivors pulled out of the wreckage since Tuesday.
03:01:40Fox News: 4,792 now missing at WTC
22:34:44CNN: links can be found between prior terrorist attacks such as Embassy bombing and USS Cole suicide mission to Tuedays attacks.
22:33:59CNN: FBI has had 36,000+ leads
22:30:44CNN: Two of the suspected hijackers were already under surveillance several weeks before the terrorist attacks on Tuesday.
22:11:30CNN: Iran has ordered it's border with Afghanistan closed. Fears it will be flooded by more refugees.
22:09:42CNN: new footage of the Pentagon plane impact has been issued. Video was shot by airforce cameraman.
22:08:14CNN: Justice Department has just issued a second arrest warrant for a "material witness"
22:06:23CNN: NYSE ready for trading Monday morning
22:04:50Sky News: 345mph -- speed at which the plane hit the Pentagon
22:04:24CNN: NYSE ready for business Monday morning.
16:23:22MSNBC: 7 Hijackers were trained pilots. Three trained in Florida. Two were in the US on visas. Two in Florida
16:22:28MSNBC: Three of the suspects have been found to have lived in Germany for a number of years
15:52:54Is anyone else running WTC websites getting portscanned by Taiwan government sites?
06:48:50CNN: Guiliani says more than 4,700 reported missing.
06:48:27CNN: No survivors found today
06:43:54CNN: Companies issue profit warnings in wake of attack.
06:38:21CNN: Taliban leader: Prepare for holy war
06:33:57NBC: Afghanistan will attack any neighbor that aids the US
06:26:50CNN: Pentagon revises death toll to 189; Includes plane.
06:26:06CNN: Pentagon authorized to call up 50,000 reservists
03:04:02CNN: Cockpit voice recorder found at Pennsylvania crash site.
02:33:12WEB: Kids reaction. http://www.kiddonet.com/AOL/KidsOnly/aolindex.pl?activity=expressFeelings
01:30:26TechTV: Microsoft to remove Twin Towers from flight game
01:11:29TechTV: Another small article about how black boxes work: http://www.techtv.com/news/story/0,24195,3347804,00.html
00:59:05CNN: Pentagon sources: Air force fighters tried to intercept planes
00:18:20CNN: Justice dept: 1 arrest made of material witness
00:16:11CNN: CNN/TIME POLL: Assassination of terrorist leaders - Favor: 81%, Oppose: 16%
00:08:07CNN: Berger: Evidence of other terrorists at large
00:07:47CNN: correction, 27 people. (typo)
00:07:19CNN: 28 peopl in INS custody
00:05:42CNN: FBI has received more than 36,000 leads
00:05:05CNN: 1 arrest warrant has been issued for material witness
23:19:25WEB: Bin-Laden Poster Seen at Gaza Rally - http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/aponline/20010914/aponline180932_000.htm
23:19:02WEB: AMAZON.COM - Collected for Red Cross: $5,087,754.00
15:40:41CNN: Ameer Bukhari and Adnan Bukhari no longer suspects. Ameer died in a plane crash last year, and Adnan passed a polygraph test and is no longer considered a suspect
15:36:44CNN: Hijack suspects identified
06:27:20CNN: Fire at the pentagon has been put back out.
06:13:41NEWS: It is raining in NY, hampering rescue efforts and possibily making some buildings less stable.
05:46:25CNN: Four of the men arrested today were seen at an airprot the day of the attacks.
04:27:49WEB: Clinton attempted to kill Bin Laden during end of his administration: http://www.news.com.au/common/story_page/0,4057,2864640%255E2,00.html
04:15:21WEB: Photo essay from TIME.com http://www.time.com/time/photoessays/shattered/2.html
04:12:11NEWS: (drudge report) 10 cops alive in rubble
04:05:40CNN: Suspects arrested for "immigration issues' and possessing false documents.
03:56:32WEB: A Flower Vigil Planned for Saturday at Seattle Centerís International Fountain Invites Citizens to Create Living Memorial http://www.cityofseattle.net/news/detail.asp?ID=2070&Dept=18
03:49:39FOX: gingrich calling for dethroning of saddam hussein
03:45:35NBC: CIA reports IRAQ is putting troops in NO FLY ZONE and south IRAQ
03:43:29WEB: Worldwide support: http://arstechnica.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=tpc&s=50009562&f=34709834&m=4640913172&p=1
03:42:34NBC: Pakistan is giving REAL help and sealing borders, cutting off fuel supplies
03:37:13NBC: (re last post) They were trying to board transatlantic flight
03:36:12NBC: Feds have reason to believe that the detained men could be potential terrorists
03:36:08MSNBC: planning for terrorist attack has been going on for 5 years
03:26:56ABC: AA Flight #133 took 2.5 hours to be okayed to leave, then police raided the plane, grabbed 1 passenger, or more, and took them out. (sources say: 4).
03:20:54ABC: Update on Phoenix, two crossed checkpoints with pocket knives to test the system, they succeeded.
03:17:40FOX: 10 Officers found alive under debris of WTC (still trapped)
03:16:43WEB: (W. Post) 3 airline employees breach security in Pheonix to prove a point: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/aponline/20010913/aponline231050_000.htm
03:15:48FOX: cockpit found at WTC, may have terrorist bodies in it
03:15:36NPR reports that the fire at the Pentagon briefly flared up again in the collapsed area. Some search and rescue workers had been working in that area, but it is not clear if any were nearby at the time
03:13:24WEB: (W. Post) Capital on High Security http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/aponline/20010913/aponline222140_000.htm
02:47:54CBS: US forces are raiding a hotel in Manila, Phillipines, no word yet why
02:36:47NBC (local): Islamic centers in Louisville, Lexington vandalized...Toledo mosque shot at
02:35:07WEB: (AP) Firsthand account of new airport security: http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGA5TVQCLRC.html
02:34:46WEB: Bush request for $20 billion in anti-terror aid doubled, lawmakers near deal supporting use of force (AP): http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGAUZKSCLRC.html
02:30:12CBS: surge of people signing up in recruiting stations to join the army
02:25:23NBC: FBI will be releasing names/pics about 12:30 EDT, they think
02:05:44MSNBC: previous "massive" fire has just been put out
02:00:15NEWS: (Indy UK) Coded warnings raise the specter of a mole inside the White House http://news.independent.co.uk/uk/politics/story.jsp?story=93993
01:59:49NEWS: (AFP) LA Locals rush to buy gas masks: http://asia.dailynews.yahoo.com/headlines/world/article.html?s=asia/headlines/010914/world/afp/Worried_after_attacks__Los_Angeles_locals_rush_to_buy_gas_masks__provisions.html
01:58:05CNN: They just found one of them in FL, quite alive. He says that any papers found with his name means that his identity was stolen. The other person (who he says is /not/ his brother) he says died in a small plane crash last year.
01:53:33ABC: New fire on the roofs of the Pentagon
01:39:05BBC: Parliament, PM Blair, Prince, and Queen will all be meeting to discuss terrorist attacks
01:33:03CNBC: Black box found in PA NOT the cockpit voice recorder; was the flight info recorder
01:31:28ABC: There has been 250 commercial flights today, which represents 1% of normal commercial traffic.
01:30:24CBS: some hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Egypt
01:30:08CBS: authorities are poised to release names and pics of the 18 hijackers but they're waiting 'cause they don't know that some may still be on the loose
01:29:56CBS: Police are searching a house in Vienna, VA where the hijackers may have stayed
01:29:50CBS: US planes are being drafted to attack not only bin Laden but the Taliban also; Hezbollah and Hamas are two other groups the US is planning to go after
01:17:58WEB: US News Wire: 'Operation Diesel Watch' will watch for gas price hikes: http://www.usnewswire.com/topnews/Current_Releases/0913-141.html
01:15:49BBC: Bin Laden 'innocent' says Taleban leader: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/south_asia/newsid_1543000/1543135.stm
01:13:43CBS: Chelsea Clinton was in lower Manhattan at the time of the WTC attack
01:12:40ABC: Confirmed: 10 people are in custody. 9 men and 1 women. All tried to board national flights, armed with knives and/or false identities, certificates.
00:36:20NEWS: (AP) America West flight returns to Pheonix airport after passengers notice odd smell: http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGA3T8T7LRC.html
00:33:05WEB: Pakistan already gave permission to fly bombers over their soil en route to Afghanistan. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/news/archive/2001/09/13/international1936EDT0947.DTL
00:32:11FOX: one liberty plaza's floors are slowly collapsing
00:31:52CBS: US seeks Pakistan border closing (border with Afghanistan), and to allow US planes in their airspace; possible preparation for attack at bin Laden
00:25:06CNN: 30,000 body bags available
00:24:20(info) for text CNN feed, join #cnn_mjd on irc.slashnet.org
00:18:18CBS: The Dept. of Defense is asking Bush to call up reserves - 30,000 to 50,000 reservists
00:13:36CNN: Congress plans 40$ billion for recovery, anti-terror actions
00:11:48CNBC: 1 of 2 arrested WTC suspects in Germany was Yemani-American with doctored papers and thousands of pounds of British Sterling
23:57:41CBS: structural enigineers are in the buildings around WTC
23:50:50CNN: Northwest Airlines have grounded their planes, say it is not prudent to fly tonight.
23:46:08CNN: Latest numbers from Pentagon: 190 missing
23:38:12FOX: Arlington County fire chief says no signal coming from black box of plane that crashed into Pentagon
23:37:31Defcon definitions: http://www.fas.org/nuke/guide/usa/c3i/defcon.htm
23:36:37CNBC: Insurance companies likely won't dodge paying by invoking "Acts of war" exclusion
23:35:44CNN: US reduced to DefCon 4
23:33:56CNN: 1 arrested, 5 or 6 detained
23:32:20CNN: Pentagon considering callingup reserve units
23:28:59FOX: 3 men arrested at La Guardia posing as flight crew members
23:26:54FOX: man arrested at JFK airport carrying false pilot's identification.
23:25:17WEB: Front Pages from the Day After: http://www.poynter.org/Terrorism/gallery/wedgallery.htm
23:23:26FOX: surrounding buildings deemed stable, rescuers have been given the OK to dig for survivors
23:22:34CNN is reporting how the US funded Osamen Bin Ladan and others in the late seventies
23:20:56NBC poll: 83% of Americans support military action even if it means a prolonged war.
23:14:11FOX: confirming 4 people arrested at JFK and other arrests ao the other NYC airports (not 3)
23:10:10NBC: ALL NATO nation bases will allow the US to fly strikes from them.
23:09:06CNN: Send photos of missing people to missing@cnn.com
23:07:21NEWS: (WTVJ-6 South florida) Senior US Official:Bin Laden plans more attacks
23:01:59AP: Bush administration is pressuring pakistan to close afganastan borders
22:47:54NBC: FBI agents looking at Microsoft Flight Simulator
22:44:29MSNBC: (After corrected themselves) 3 Men arrested at JFK dressed as pilots
22:43:57CBS: the suspects retained at Kennedy are detained for immigration reasons NOT as suspects
22:42:02RTL: The box found in the basement in the capital was harmless
22:33:36 there is a prisoner in hannover/germany who tried to warn u.s. one week before the bombing. they alowed him to make a phone call but the guys in capitol droped the phone when he introuced himself as a prisoner.
22:24:02RTL, German TV station: A 29 year old prisoner in germany called more than once from prison america to inform about the attack (not 100% confirmed)
22:15:41WEB: Terror Suspect arrested at Heathrow Airport: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/010913/140/c3ugj.html
22:11:19FOXNews: NY Post confirms 4 arrested at JFK Airport
22:10:51that was a priority after the #wtc script
22:09:12WEB: According to Izv'esti'a (Russian only), sources say there are 400 suicidal fanatics prepared at any moment to effect attacks against the US worldwide: http://www.izvestia.ru/open/arcnews.cgi?arcday=12&arcmon=09&arcyear=2001&idn=9588&idr=520
21:57:57WEB: (AP) bin Laden's group may have cells in 34 countries: http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGAJSJ11LRC.html
21:56:46ABC: Bin Laden on the run
21:51:06MSNBC: Former president Clinton in N.Y. - visited N.Y. Armory, he's going to hold a brief press conference, soon.
21:46:24WEB: 12 tons of gold buried under WTC wreckage: http://biz.yahoo.com/rf/010913/n13111180_1.html
21:45:58CBS: Capitol is being evacuated because of a bomb scare
21:42:25CBS: Incident at Kennedy Airport - several people detained, Outbound flights stopped at this time
21:40:10WEB: 3.3 million dollars donated to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund via amazon.com
21:39:02WEB: (Reuters) Taliban could hand over bin Laden - http://uk.news.yahoo.com/010913/80/c3uax.html
21:37:18CBC: Coca-Cola to contribute 12$M
21:29:17A middle eastern student outside of a college in Boone, NC (I'm assuming AppState) was supposedly beaten by some other students. I can't confirm nor deny this at the moment - it's just what I heard from someone who attends the school.
21:28:05CBS: A Middle Eastern immigrant was attacked by a man with a chaingun inside his store. 20 rounds were expelled into bulletproof glass, which saved the mans life. He told the press he doesn't understand why this happened, as he is an american citizen now.
21:13:35ABC: Black box recovered from PA plane. Close to recovery of Pentagon plane.
21:12:51AP: Black box for one of the planes HAS been found, unconfirmed which one.
21:12:40CNN: US President Bush to visit NYC Friday. Largest investigation in US history.
21:12:17The signal that one liberty Plaza is about to colapse is sounded.
21:12:17MSNBC: One Liberty Plaza has begun to collapse
21:12:15MSNBC: The American Express Building Will Be Evacuated
21:06:37Local News: WPAFB changed from THREATCON C (second highest alert) to THREATCON D (Highester alert) for a half hour; unknown reason. Anyone in the cars attempting to enter the base were told to exit the cars. After about a half hour the base returned to THREATCON C.
21:02:59BREAKING NEWS: CNN reports the five firefighters rescued earlier today DID NOT EVER HAPPEN.
20:58:59ABC: Black-box at Pentagon giving off Radio signal. Hopefully to be recovered soon.
15:47:03Airports are opening around the country. Check http://www.fly.faa.gov for which airports are opening
15:40:02BREAKING NEWS: Investigators not ruling out plane involved in Pennsylvania crash was shot down
15:36:15Miro: Germany called for 5min of silence nationwide
15:35:56CNN: Collapse of towers equal 2.0 earthquake
15:34:56NEWS: Russian president calls for minute of silence for all of Russia at noon Thursday (4AM EST)
05:47:05CNN: Asian markets are stabilizing
05:46:20CNN: Some gas stations were shut down for charging exceedingly higher than normal prices
05:45:32CNN: FBI says 12-24 hijackers were involved yesterday
05:03:55NBC: Newark airport is open now, sporadic flights seen
05:03:42NEWS: FBI identifies team of 50 attackers; http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/nation/la-091301terror.story
05:02:06CBS: 700 of the 1700 working for MMC in the WTC are still missing
04:57:54WEB: Better link for Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/subst/lists/best/amazon-bestsellers.html/102-3804714-6526544
04:57:03WEB: Top selling books right now, 1) Twin Towers, 2) Nostradamus. http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1885221800/inktomi-bkasin-20/102-3804714-6526544
04:52:22WEB: In Mississippi, gun shops were running out of ammunition. http://archives.nytimes.com/aponline/national/AP-Attacks-Stockpiling.html
04:44:56AP: Venezuela's Chavez Condemns Attacks on U.S. http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGA2BA81KRC.html
04:42:21CBS: Bush's National Missile Defense proposal on the shelf for now
04:42:09CNN: UN aid workers pulling out of Kabul.
04:42:04WEB: FBI Assigns 7,000 ppl to probe: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A21162-2001Sep12.html
04:41:58NBC: in addition to the hijackers, investigators believe there was a "wired network" of supporters, as many as 25-30 people, maybe even working in the airports to help the hijackers; esp. Logan airport
04:41:50WEB: NY Times: Hijackers definitely linked to bin Laden http://www.nytimes.com/2001/09/13/national/13INQU.html
04:39:14NBC: the delay in assuming flights is because the FBI and CIA have asked it to be that way
04:39:05WEB: U.S. Lines Up Support for Strike; Pakistan Pressured to Aid Any Reprisal: http://a188.g.akamaitech.net/f/188/920/15m/www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A20862-2001Sep12.html
04:38:55NBC: plane safety tactics being assumed include: more random checks, no mail on planes temporarily, no plastic or metal knives allowed on planes
04:36:39NEWS: CNN reports that the Japan stock market is falling already at a 17 year low.
04:32:52NBC: there is a "newfound resolve and commitment" within our military that we will assume "a broad-based final retaliation" against those involved and the countries that harbor them; likely to result in very high American military casualties
04:31:45NBC: black boxes may not have survived WTC crashes because the fires were so bad
04:31:38CBS: The president has been secured in Nebraska
04:27:10CBS: Dan Rather says government is definitely moving toward war.
04:25:04NBC: around 18 hijackers were involved, they now know all their names, they trained at four flight schools in the US, and it appears this was planned over the past two years
04:20:53Anyway, while it still exists: http://debian.co.nz/~wishes/wtc/
04:05:28ABC: Efforts being taken to find survivors: Using known Cell phone #s to call possible victims
04:05:18ABC: Efforts being taken to find survivors: Listening lots of quiet moments just listening for any sounds
03:53:37ABC: + 200 other state workers also missing
03:53:26ABC: 202 firefighters missing, 57 police officers
03:46:41MSNBC: New informant brought to FBI HQ
03:40:21MSNBC: FBI executing over a dozen searches in 5 states.
03:37:23NEWS: Oder in the heavy smoke making it hard to breath.
03:36:57BBC: 4000 FBI agents involved in intelligence gathering effort
03:36:10NBC: Fires still in south tower and 7th building of WTC
03:34:37NEWS: http://nyc.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=9880&group=webcast - ASBESTOS FALLOUT analysis in NYC.
03:33:38MSNBC: City officials say it will take 30 to 60 days to clear rubble.
03:33:24MSNBC: No stock market or flights tomorrow (Thursday).
03:26:07Israelis say Iraq financed attacks: http://www.worldtribune.com/worldtribune/breaking_1.html
03:24:16ABC: confirmed 82 bodies found, WTC ground zero
04:13:40NYFD scanner: just received call from someone in North Carolina who just received cell phone call from woman in rubble, who was on 81st floor of north tower
03:01:54MSNBC: Shifting in rubble near twin towers.
02:56:21ABC: through Reuters: Pakistan is extending help for anything the US needs to stop terrorism
02:50:10AP: Info on the 3 men detained and released from the Boston hotel: http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGAT31EXJRC.html
02:49:18AP: Overview of Calculated Death Tolls. http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGAQEJOXJRC.html
02:43:41CNN: Penn Station all clear also.
02:40:55FOX News: No bomb in the empire state building
02:39:37BBC: Congressman urges US to not jump to conclusions and to avoid situation like with the Japanese-Americans during WW2
02:34:34BBC: Less than 10 survivors pulled from the WTC so far. Currently a man is trapped far underneath the ruins, called in with a cell phone.
02:34:16For info: All flights diverted to canada, http://www.tc.gc.ca/en/crisisinus_diverted.htm
02:25:19CNN: penn station being evacuated (ed: Penn?)
02:20:20FOX News: 34th Street/3rd streets: people being told to evacuate
02:17:33MSNBC: Bomb-sniffing dog reacts positively to Empire State Building
02:13:59NBC: Empire State Building evacuated
02:11:28FNC: Private plane network allowed to fly to deliver organs
02:09:26MSNBC: as many as *three* buildings are expected to collapse around WTC
02:07:04for additional ways to donate: http://www.techtv.com/screensavers/showtell/story/0,23008,3347294,00.html
02:06:53NBC: a man from the SS said that they consider the attack a use of a weapon of mass distruction on our soil; he cannot speak for official policy but seemed to know what was going on; implication is nuclear retaliation (standard US policy for "use of a weapon of mass destruction")
02:05:24CNN: Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld taped a message to U.S. troops, and the reference to an upcoming conflict was almost explicit. "More -- much more -- will be asked of you in the weeks and months ahead. This is especially true of those who are in the field."
02:04:59FOX News: Goverment bans e-Bay sales of WTB and Pentagon related artifacts.
02:04:50BBC: US INS gives Mexico suspect list, 6 men, all arab in appearence, 3 have Pakistani passports.
02:04:45CBC TV (peter mansbridge): raids in Germany, apartment buildings
01:52:50CNBC: Bush is "95% sure it's Bin Laden"
01:52:17FOX News: American Airlines Issued warning 2 weeks ago, "Be on the lookout for imposter pilots" after uniforms & ID badges stolen from Rome hotel
01:35:12Many companys are making million + donations to help with the efforts.
01:33:17More info on military deployment: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A14023-2001Sep11.html
01:31:49on a related note.. people have donated $1,536,643.54 so far through amazon.com
01:30:59Info on Microsoft donations: http://www.microsoft.com/giving/
01:29:56jstraw: New mirror of the high-quality engine picture: http://www.ibiblio.org/jstraw/wtcpics/engine.jpg
01:25:02Deployment info: Deployment Info: http://deploymentlink.osd.mil/deploy/info/info_intro.shtml
01:22:11Mirror of the above Engine picture: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?g=events/ts/091101nydccrash&a=&tmpl=sl&ns=&l=1&e=6&a=0
01:19:54Global: Someone throw gasoline on a Muslim in Montreal Quebec
01:19:18Global: Someone tried to put fire on a Muslim in St-Catherine Ontario
01:11:22WEB: http://member.compuserve.com/fotosrch/0/20010911NY144.jpg is a hi-res photo of a 767 engine charred laying on the sidewalk in NYC at Murray St.
01:10:48if you read section 5 of the NATO treaty, it says that an attack against 1 NATO country is like an attack against all NATO countries
01:10:30Global TV is showing a reporter using Microsoft Flight Simulator, trying to prove how easy it apparently is to fly a Boeing 767 (omitting the fact that other news sources have confirmed 4 hijackers being licensed commercial pilots already)
01:07:12Norway says it does not want to go to war, but acknowledges its responsibility to do so. http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/americas/newsid_1540000/1540870.stm
00:59:28(No source): Shots fired at Irving, TX Mosque in apparent hate crime
00:41:05CNN Int: FBI focusing on two homes in Vero Beach, FA
00:40:46CNN Int: FBI seized PC, software, flight certification from Bukari brothers' home
00:40:35MSNBC: officials worried about the black box due to fire... they handle impact and water much better than fire
00:39:43MSNBC: Black boxes possibly found in WTC, already found in PA (ed note: The flight recorders were found earlier, if i recall correctly)
00:39:03MSNBC, Earthlink fully cooperated with emergency subpeonas presented to us today, MSN was served with requests for account information as well. We are expected more requests from the FBI, and will of course comply quickly.
00:38:52MSNBC: Microsoft is contributing $10M cash to Sept 11 fund, $5M technical assistance.
00:33:52CNET: Search for terrorists leads to ISP's: http://news.cnet.com/news/0-1005-200-7141812.html?tag=mn_hd
00:31:30feminist.org: The Taliban's treatment of women: http://www.feminist.org/afghan/intro.asp
00:28:56Misc: I just received a notice that spammers are conning people to give them money for relief efforts via SCAM-Busters, the email is the only txt file in http://killabee.myip.org/wtc
00:22:36AP: "On Wednesday, most international aid workers, including all but four of the 80 U.N. staff in Afghanistan, left the country."
00:19:57MSNBC: Antenna still standing between WTC towers 1 and 2: American flag flying on it, put there by NYFD. All stopped and saluted. (Old news but i'm not sure it was reported here)
00:14:42AP: Israel Carrying OUt Military Operation in Jericho: Palestinians http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGA6GC8QJRC.html
00:13:06CBS: No more survivors from Pent are expected, if they didn't die in impact they perished in flames. 200 bodies are expected.
00:11:58MSNBC: Amtrak Train in Rhode Island was stopped, police escorted one man off train
00:11:50AP: Long Lines and Searches Slow Traffic, but Canadian Border Remains Open http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGA9GWFQJRC.html
00:11:14CBS: Adds "asked by FBI"
00:10:48(AP) German Police Search House in Hamburg for Clues in U.S. Terror Attack http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGAPZRKQJRC.html
00:00:55CBS: Latest numbers; 55 confirmed dead
00:00:29CBS: Credible evidence Bush was target
23:56:36"Arafat Was Connected With First WTC Bombing [1993]" from http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=9755&PHPSESSID=125bbbabc04d270c58a77595fce9ce6e
23:53:53CBS: a 767 exploding full of fuel is the equivalent of a Kiloton of TNT
23:51:18MSNBC: People massively buying today's edition of various newspapers as a souvenir.
23:49:14israelinsider.com: Arafat's Fatah Tanzim is holding and threatening to kill a Palestinian photographer who filmed street celebrations if his news agency broadcasts scenes of men firing shots into the air as hundreds cheer the attack on America.
23:47:23MSNBC: 2 arab pilots were in a bar in FL, drank heavily, refused to pay bill
23:46:32heh and most if not all businesses inside the WTC were insured against terrorism as an aftermath of the bombing in 1993
23:45:10BREAKING NEWS: Reports from the AP or PA say that only ONE of the twin towers was insured at the chances of BOTH twin towers being destroyed was too improbable
23:35:42WNYT, Albany, NY NBC affiliate reports blood donation centers closed for the next 2 days, they have received more blood than they can store
23:33:17NPR local: Ontario provincial police report no access to the US from Fort Erie (Peace Bridge); highway 405 leading to the Queenston/Lewiston Bridge is shut down due to long delays; extremely long delays travelling in the Niagara region
23:27:56The band "The Coup" has removed its alblum from the shelves, the cover shows a picture of one of the group members holding a detinator and the twin towers exploding, you can see a picture of the cover on www.macthis.org
23:26:37MSNBC: 1 Liberty Plaza has partially collapsed - WTC #3 and 1 liberty plaza have collapsed
23:25:01CNN: Senate passes resolution condemning attacks 100 to 0
23:23:43MSNBC: Capitol preparing a prayer vigil for all attack victims
23:23:34CNN: Fleischer "Plane that hit pentagon was intended for white house"
23:20:44Global: MS Flight simulator blamed for training terrorists.
23:15:38Images from NASA: http://www.nasa.gov/newsinfo/WTCplume.html
23:08:15KISS FM: People renting Ryder Trucks with no load, paying outrageous fees for cross-country cabs, to get out of NYC.
23:07:38President of Huffman Aviation: "If they walked into this room I'd do what every American would do: I'd choke them with my bare hands. These people don't deserve to be American!"
23:06:08MSNBC: one of the pilots trained at Venice Airport (Hoffman Aviation) indicated that he was from Afghanistan
23:03:42CNN Europe: Reporting 14 Israeli tanks moving into Jericho, more into other cities; palestineans responding with molotov cocktails; gunfire heard
23:03:24Reuters: American Airlines pilot attempted to send distress signal: http://us.news2.yimg.com/f/42/31/7m/dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20010912/ts/attack_controllers_dc_1.html
23:03:09CNN Reporter: There is no evidence that 1 Liberty Plaza would come down.
23:02:57They have evacuated ALL the rescue workers from the WTC site.
23:02:07CNN: 4 of the suspects would be commercial airline pilots
23:02:07CNN: Marwin Youssef Ashehi (SP?) second suspect
23:01:34And many people are urging people to fly their flags out their windows at home or work, or anywhere else for that matter.
23:00:39CNN: The FBI says that it has identified most of the suicide bombers.
22:57:54CNN Poll: Act of war? Yes 82%
22:57:15indymedia.org: http://www.indymedia.org.il/imc/israel/webcast/display.php3?article_id=6889 -- West Bank town of Jenin encircled by Israeli forces; Palestinian residents vow to use "dozens of suicide bombers" in retaliation.
22:55:39CBS: Possible 15 billion insurance bill only second to 20billion Hurricane Andrew
22:54:54MSNBC: Man on 82nd floor of 2nd tower rode collapse ALL THE WAY down, suffered broken limbs,ribs, but is not dead and is talking to his family
22:54:45MSNBC: "Credible evidence" that attackers intended to hit White House and Air Force 1
22:54:21They knew that the terrorists were very likely planning on crashing into something populated, and voted to try and overpower them.
22:54:02People told me (unconfirmed) one or more of the 3 other planes made a lot of sudden movements, leading to think that there has been quite a struggle in the cockpits along the way.
22:49:59CBS: they're not getting any more tapping, radio transmissions or cell phone calls from people trapped under the debris at the WTC
22:49:14CNN: FAA now accepting fligh plans from some commercial airlines. "Only passengers originally registered to those flights will be able to board the planes".
22:47:06CNN: it has been verified that the passengers found out that a plane had hit the world trade center, and the male passengers voted to try to overpower the terrorists.
22:40:11CNN: 1 liberty plaza fell -- http://www.cnn.com/2001/US/09/12/seismic.impact/
22:39:59CNN: Confirms, building #5 still up.
22:35:04MSNBC: Insurance payouts could reach 15billion
22:33:09CBS: Another building down, final portion of south tower collapsed
22:31:58CBS: NATO says the attacks on US are considered attacks on the entire alliance
22:30:35Bush has been and gone from Pentagon
22:29:16MSNBC: Bush is now arriving at Pentagon crash site.
22:24:03(User in Seattle): We've got a "suspicious object" here in Seattle in the middle of I-5. Traffic is halted.
22:22:25FOX: Guards on Pentagon roof armed with Stinger missles.
22:21:06Local India newspaper: Bin Laden under house arrest; still unconfirmed
22:20:56WIBV (local TV): a mosque has been torched in St. Catharine's, Ontario
22:19:43CBC: OTAN says that any attack on any of the 19 countries will be considered as an attack against OTAN
22:19:14OOH: official says 3 passengers overpowered hijackers on pitt plane!
22:18:21(No source): Persons have been maintaining lists of stations that exploited consumers, including photographs of price signs and names of managers on duty. These data have been reported to local trade officials and shared for those who would wish to not patronize such locations in the future.
22:15:02CNN: Exxon/Mobil, AB/Amoco froze gaz prices
22:14:50CFTO: Osama Bin Laden claims he was not involved in the recent attacks, but that he supports the actions taken; he sees them as "a reaction against the oppressor"
22:13:59ABC: 8-13 percent of all blood donated is unusable
22:12:39CFTO: Canada ban on flights lifted at 3:45 PM Eastern today, live reporter from Pearson Airport
22:11:12MSNBC: 12,000 in lower manhattan without power.
22:10:10WCVB: Bill Mueller of the FBI has confirmed that the FBI thinks they know the identities of the hijackers on the flights
22:09:25WCVB: evidence that the hijackers left from Nova Scotia, then to Portland, Maine, then to Boston
22:09:03Lawmakers Warned of More Attacks: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,34283,00.html
22:07:48ABC: added security measures may add up to an hour to check-in time at airports
22:07:14Ashcroft: some hijackers were trained in the US
22:02:57ABC: 2 terrorists might have learned to fly at Venice airport in FL, linked by rentall car application listing a venice home address.
22:02:39MSNBC: Estimate: 10-20,000 people in one tower during time of collision
22:01:21CNN: Rescuers saw the bulding starting to twist, and then windows starting to break
21:53:48CNN: Schumer urges americans to fly the flag!
21:44:42[NASA]: Smoke Plume: World Trade Center, New York City -- http://www.nasa.gov/newsinfo/WTCplume.html
21:42:21Rottentomatoes: Spiderman trailer pulled, was featuring WTC
21:40:46Rottentomatoes: New Arnold Schwarzenegger movie 'Collateral Damage', scheduled for Oct 5 release, now indefinitely postponed. Featured terrorists bombing a skyscraper.
21:35:41CNN: "We can see the windows flaking off [building #5]"
21:32:11CNN: Partial collapse confirmed at 1 Liberty Plaza
21:30:33FOX: Remains of south tower proceeds to collapse.
21:25:03CNN: Growing concern that another building might be on the verge of collapsing, near or is #5
21:15:39MSNBC: More large pieces of towers collapsing. Press being moved back.
21:01:51Pro7: MOHAMIT ATTA is one of the pilots who flew in the tower!
20:58:53the remaining portion of the south tower has colapsed. A seven story section.
20:55:53The major train companys are reporting that things are back online, amtrack is again running with normal schedules.
20:54:09Ok, at this time SOME airports are open in a LIMITED manner, in that those who were in transit at the time that the airspace was closed will be allowed to continue to their destination.
20:49:14Amazon is at Total Collected: $1,000,730.13
20:49:05Stock markets will not open until friday at the earlyest, monday at the latest.
20:09:16* The White House and Air Force One may have been targets of the terrorists responsible for the Pentagon attack, according to White House officials. That is why President Bush was flown from Florida to several military bases until his security in Washington could be guaranteed. Officials say the jet that slammed into the Pentagon may have been originally destined for the White House.
20:04:40MSNBC: the white house and air force one where also specific and intended targets
18:55:46CBS News: Arrest has been made but concerning INS and not the attacks
18:07:36Indeed 12.00 CET tomorrow (friday) there will be a 3 minutes SILENCE for all the victims in the European countries
18:01:49FBI News Conference at 1500ET/1900GMT/2000BST
17:51:07CNN: Seattle is allowed to fly at 3pm Pacific time, no carry-on luggage whatsoever
17:14:18CNN: People have been taken into custody in South Florida and Boston, but not under arrest yet
17:00:48WBUR (Boston NPR): There is (apparently) big Boston Police presence at a hotel in Copley Square, plus FBI. Some type of arrest going down.
16:59:43CNN: FBI is attempting make arrests right now on CNN I think
16:57:12CNN: Midway airlines closes; 1,700 employees fired immediately.
16:51:42Members of congress speaking.
16:46:41CNN.com: Reopening of airports delayed while new security measures implemented. Full story soon.
16:41:13CNN: local Boston news sources say FBI have identified suspects and arrests expected soon.
16:17:05The FAA lockdown will NOT be lifted at noon, but the FAA does expect it to be lift sometime today.
16:15:35They do not expect any more survivers from the pentagon.
16:15:01The EU has declared a day of mourning.
16:09:58regarding /topic -- you can donate via amazon.com's paying system outside of US just fine, I did earlier today
16:08:58No exclusion for acts of terrorism.
16:08:51Insurance companys are saying that the insurance companys WILL pay out in full to everyone who had a policy.
16:04:25The pentagon is STILL burning, and is being evacuated.
15:21:082 workers rescued!
14:54:27Bush calls attacks "an act of war"
14:32:46EU holds emergency meeting
13:09:20[louie(louie@marvin.ximian.com)] there will be a noon press conference by the FBI about the PA plane, according to my source at CNN. Also, I recommend www.worldnewyork.org for a blogging perspective.
13:02:01Confirmed News: NAOC, the Looking Glass plane that the president uses to direct everything in time of war and other emergency, landed last night at WPAFB but took off again, this time fully fueled and hasn't landed. It's not known why it landed tho.
12:07:06A total number of 9 ppl were rescued
11:54:02I support the attacks because they constitute a reaction of the oppressed people against the atrocities of the cruel - Osama bin Laden
11:36:33 5 firefighter 1 policeofficer
11:36:196 ppl found alive :)))
05:02:10Global: Victims: 2,100 hurt, 600 hospitalized, 150 critically hurt.
04:59:57CNN: The website is also totally crashed by enormous traffic because CNN said the url online to millions of people
04:58:55CNN: America Online has institued helping.org to help the RedCross with the enormous traffic to their website.
04:53:06BBC: Mexico/East Asia trading stopped as well
04:44:01CBC: Confirmed, search and rescue has begun.
04:31:56Okay, I just updated http://www.gnupdate.org/ with information on helping the Red Cross
04:29:00CNN: Officials beleive Bin Laden to be in Afghanistan
04:27:34CNN: Officer says that the dust is so thick that his dog was unable to detect anything
04:25:50ABC: James Woolsey implies that Iraqi gov't is likely behind today's attacks
04:25:39American Airlines info: 1-800-245-0999, United Airlines info: 1-800-932-8555 (for friends etc)
04:23:53Source unknown: Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said: "Cuba laments and expresses its profound sadness for the loss of so many innocent lives and expresses our absolute rejection of acts of terrorism, wherever they may come from." The Cuban official also offered airspace and airports to any aircraft from the United States or elsewhere that needs it.
04:22:50(AP: Poll) 9 in 10 say attacks are "act of war" http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGA5AM9LIRC.html
04:22:08msnbc reports at LEAST 800 dead at pentagon
04:21:37ABC: James Woolsey, former CIA director, is saying there's already been "rethinking" about the WTC attack in '93, that Iraqi gov't may have been involved
04:21:08CBC: Transport canada said at the time of the no-fly instatement, there were 500 planes heading for North america. At least half went back
04:20:08(DRUDGE) Among rumors of gas shortage, companies freeze prices back to normal: http://biz.yahoo.com/apf/010911/attacks_gas_prices_3.html
04:19:02Yahoo! Asia: Egyptians celebrate anti-us attacks, shouting "Bullseye!": http://asia.dailynews.yahoo.com/headlines/world/afp/article.html?s=asia/headlines/010912/world/afp/_Bullseye___say_Egyptians_as_they_celebrate_anti-US_attacks.html
04:18:40CNN: 2nd airplane was flying a normal landing course, until it turned just a bit
04:18:32BBC: After 3 months, us Americans will forget/lose interest in all this and stop attemping to secure the air services
04:17:07CNN: Engineers will check damaged buildings on Thursday
04:15:09CBC: First number of people jumping off WTC: 6 (that I know of)
04:04:56BBC Radio: gold prices rise as it is a 'wise investment' in times of crises
04:04:562 people were pulled out of the rubble, alive
04:04:56NYPD scanner: http://www.policescanner.com/policeNYPD.stm
03:57:15Geographical map of the events: http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2001/trade.center/map.html
03:55:39CNN: For the broadbands, all CNN videos are there: http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/2001/trade.center/multimedia.html , you should watch that spot for the new video of 1st plane impact.
03:55:23CNN: Good article about international opinion on the attack: http://www.cnn.com/2001/WORLD/europe/09/11/trade.centre.reaction/index.html
03:53:19CBC: Arabs worldwide fear racially motivated attacks
03:46:21WEB: All your police and fire scanner needs are likely in that list., (http://www.geocities.com/rlbecker/police.htm)
03:41:56Misc: Washington Police Scanner...
03:40:37Also earlier Tuesday, the Fed said it would provide liquidity as needed, a statement that echoed its actions in October 1987, when the U.S. stock market crashed. The Fed's statement was taken as an encouragement to lenders to continue to provide credit during any market turbulence.
03:39:43CNN: Latest "round" number of firefighters missing: 300
03:38:49- The Bank of Japan said it added more funds to the money market through an extra market operation on Wednesday to ensure stability in financial markets following the deadly attacks on landmark buildings in the United States.
03:35:16transit not expected to resume before Wed. afternoon
03:35:01and stock dropped to lowest point in 17 years
03:34:42National Public Radio: survivors located, rescures say some people are alive, some cops. Over 1,000 hospitalized
03:34:23CNN: FBI has confirmed that there were NO explosives in the van on the NJ turnpike
03:32:46Mayor Guliani: "Several hundreds... firefighters and police officers.. which is a staggering number..."
03:32:28Local news in San Jose, CA: Earlier today (I think it was CBS) said that we have one of few teams with equipment to find people under rubble that will head to NYC if/when they are asked
03:31:50CNN: arrests on the new jersey turnpike or garden state parkway, near Geo Washington Bridge. explosives found in van.
03:31:12AP: A Palestinian boy fires in the air at the Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp near the southern port city of Sidon, Tuesday. Palestinians in Lebanon's refugee camps celebrated the attacks in the United States by firing in the air using all kinds of weapons
03:28:47CNN: 2 or 3 men arrested on NJ parkway.
03:28:42AP: Washington list of victims includes retired law enforcement, dot-com founder, conservative commentator http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGA2IC7JIRC.html
03:28:32AP: More entertainment shutdown updates: http://ap.tbo.com/ap/breaking/MGAXLNPJIRC.html
03:28:19CNN: Arab and Muslin groups report numerous threatening phonecalls
03:24:23CBC: Japanese banks have thrown billions of dollars back into the market to cushion the expected down of all values
03:19:14According to Gregory Fenves, a professor of Civil Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, the planes weakened the buildings' structures at key points. Fenves, working on information gleaned from preliminary TV reports, stressed that he was speculating. He said that if the planes had hit the structures higher, they could have merely damaged their tops; if they had hit lower, they would have been up against the enormou
03:17:32Salon.com: Why the towers collapsed: http://www.salon.com/news/feature/2001/09/11/collapse_background/index.html
03:14:24WEB: For all Canadian donations, go to http://www.canadahelps.org/ssl2/home.htm?0=16064
03:08:39WEB: If you didn't see it: http://www.worldtradecenter.com was made available today
03:08:01CNN: Reports from malaysia say that the Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur were evacuated because of a bomb threat
03:07:48Yahoo!: Yahoo! has a form for donating money to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund -- http://paydirect.yahoo.com/PD/onePage/onePageRedCrossMoney-drv.pd
03:05:34CNN: Another man on a flight placed a phonecall with the plane-phone, and told the plane was hijacked, 3 men were onboard, and had threatened with a bomb.
03:01:23NEWS: Red Cross center in Wichita,KS did 8 times the average blood donation today (400+ units of blood). Expecting more tommarrow. (Source: Nurse that just got off work)
02:52:32CNN: US intelligence "Good indications" of links to Osama Bin Laden
02:48:54CBC: USS Enterprise returns towards Persian Gulf
02:47:57CNN: Passenger manifests and other sources of information are leading them there
02:47:40CNN: FBI is about to issue search warrants for several individuals in south florida

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